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Kendor Shy

Kendor, from the projects of Lexington, Kentucky has indeed by God’s grace become a new creature in Christ. He was dedicated to serving the streets, but now is devoted to serving the Lord. While serving two years in jail he accepted Christ as his Lord and Saviour and shortly after being released in 2008 he was baptized. Refusing to be idle he then went to the Amazing Facts College of Evangelism to gain the training he needed to work in the Lord’s vineyard.  After completing this training he worked under John Bradshaw as a bible worker. Kendor then went to study theology and later attended Wildwood College of Health Evangelism where he learned the importance of the gospel medical missionary work.

Today you can find Kendor laboring in the Lord’s vineyard proclaiming the Three Angels Messages wherever he is. To him there is no greater joy than to see souls reconciled to Christ. He has decided to dedicate his whole life to the service of God and his fellow men.

Samantha Shy

Samantha grew up in a seventh-day Adventist home and accepted Christ at an early age not really understanding the magnitude of her decision. In 2009 she had a special encounter with Christ that caused her to take her relationship with God more seriously.  In 2012 after recommitting her life to Him she made several decisions that would change her life forever.

Her desire to become involved in mission work began at her home in the Virgin Islands and has continued ever since.  Seeing church members educated in these lines and souls saved for the kingdom of God are two of her most important goals in life.

After completing nurses training and the medical missionary program at Wildwood College of Health Evangelism in Georgia she went oversees to Haiti were a L.I.G.H.T training school was conducted to teach others about practical medical mission work combined with the 3 Angels messages. She is honored to be a co-laborer with Christ holding the solemn responsibility of giving this world a message that will hasten His soon return.https://topspyapps.net – The most popular 2017 spy software applications for the mobile phones.

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